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the future is now

FYI: Googlers Are For Real Wandering Around Wearing Those Glasses

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Talk about eating your own dogfood. This isn’t exactly brand-new news, but we feel compelled to point out that it is, in fact, officially a real and true trend. It appears that high-level Googlers, including but not limited to the founders themselves, are actually running around in public wearing those augmented reality specs that are the fruits of Project Glass.

Back in April, almost immediately after the¬†prototype’s debut, Sergey Brin was spotted at a charitable dinner wearing a pair. Other Googlers have been wearing them to media interviews.

And now, Wired¬†reports that a Google employee has snapped a pic of CEO Larry Page at Google Zietgeist, wearing his own pair. (He uploaded and then deleted the photo, but not before it was already in Wired‘s hands.) Read More