The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

“I Will Not Work With Facebook”: Minecraft Creator Disavows Oculus Rift Post-Acquisition

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While many are scratching their heads over Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of virtual reality company “Oculus Rift,” one developer has some strong words for the company.

When Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator of the enormously popular sandbox game Minecraft, heard the news, he immediately withdrew his support from Oculus Rift: Read More

The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

Saudi Prince Pretty Much Takes Vow of Poverty to Become Tech Entrepreneur

Prince Fahad Al Saud (Photo: Facebook)

Many people born into royalty are content carrying on disastrous affairs and consuming Veuve Cliquot and caviar for breakfast every morning while setting a terrible, terrible example for all of their subjects on the public’s dime.

One Saudi prince, though, has all but foresworn the fun of royal life, opting instead to work as a tech entrepreneur in the U.S. Sure, it sounds like a cushy job, but compared to living as a Saudi royal, it must be quite the downgrade. Read More

The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

Sean Parker Wants to Remind Everyone He’s Totes a Facebook Cofounder

Mr. Parker (

Where are the original Facebookers these days? Well, Zuck is attempting to steer Facebook through the rocky shoals of a slipping stock price. Peter Thiel is unloading his stock and donating to Tea Partiers. Eduardo, presumably, is popping bottles with models in Singapore.

Meanwhile, as the Huffington Post reports, Sean Parker is defending his legacy on Twitter.

Back in late July, Sean Parker told the New York Times that, “Every good entrepreneur I know ends up in the wasteland of being a venture capitalist. It’s really frustrating.” Right, well, as Inc. writer John McDermott proceeded to point out, Mr. Parker hasn’t spent the last few years setting the tech world on fire: Read More

The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

Move Over Yuri Milner, Russia’s Richest Billionaire Is Already Spending His Facebook Guap

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Nobody does nouveau-riche quite like a Russian oligarch. But Alisher Usmanov, the richest man in Russia, might have perfected the form. Although most of the press around Digital Sky Technologies (DST), the valuation-happy venture capital firm, focuses on founder Yuri Milner, Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Mr. Usmanov actually owns an 80 percent stake in the firm. That means that when DST sold Facebook shares worth about $1.7 billion during the company’s IPO, about $1.4 billion of that went to Mr. Usmanov.

And the man hasn’t wasted any time making it rain. In the days since the IPO, Mr. Usmanov, who first made his fortune in mining and metals, has purchased the biggest private jet in Russia, a wide-body Airbus A340-300. Putting Putin to shame, apparently. Read More

The Facebookers Will Inherit the Earth

Report: Facebook Alumni Have Raised $271 M. in Venture Capital

mafia wars

A new report from CB Insights attempts to gather up all the ventures of the roving Facebook Mafia and put a number on how much money these Silicon Valley chosen ones have raised. “For those unfamiliar with the term, the Facebook Mafia refers to alumni of Facebook who’ve gone on to found new startup companies,” the report says.

So how much have these enterprising Facebookers convinced investors to give them? $271 million since 2006, with $130 million of it all in the first half of 2012 (Quora is responsible for $50 million of that). Momentum “appears to be accelerating,” the report says. Doesn’t it always? Read More