The Education of NY Tech

The Education of NY Tech

General Assembly’s New Credentials Will Sort the True Talent From the Sub-Par Code Monkeys

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Hiring developers can be a nightmare. Besides a general scarcity of talent, most of the traditional indicators of skill have become virtually meaningless — simply having a B.S. in Computer Science doesn’t tell a CTO whether someone can actually code worth a damn.

General Assembly (GA), the leading code academy based in New York, is establishing a credential program from scratch that CEO Jake Schwartz hopes will set a new standard for hiring coders. In order to bring more legitimacy to the new credentials than your standard technical school faire, GA established a “consortium” of partner companies from all corners of tech, including heavyweights like GE, Paypal, Coinbase, Newscred, Medium, Glassbreakers and Relate IQ. Read More

The Education of NY Tech

Ruby Instructor Open Sources Ruby Curriculum

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Back in December,’s Daniel Doubrovkine announced he would be teaching a six-week class geared toward developers, assisted by Pivotal Labs’s Dimitri Roche, on the popular, powerful and lightweight scripting language and framework known as Ruby on Rails. The price, $2,800 a student, was on solid middle ground in the range of Ruby class pricing, but some local Rubyists sneered at the high price tag for a language that many learn on their own.

The class, held at General Assembly, filled up immediately anyway. Now that it’s over, Mr. Doubrovkine took some time to reflect. Between lesson planning and grading, he estimated he worked on the class for 117 hours in total. He decided to use the experience to make a case for learning Ruby in the classroom and last week hosted one of the most well-attended NYC.rb meetups to date, called “Crafting a Ruby on Rails Course for Developers,” in which he outlined his methods for creating the curriculum. Read More

The Education of NY Tech

That $2,800 Ruby Class That Had NYC-rb in a Huff? It’s Already Sold Out

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Last week, tech lead Daniel Doubrovkine took to the NYC-rb mailing list to advertise a new six-week Ruby course he’s co-teaching at General Assembly. “Forgive me for shameless advertising. I am teaching a RoR for Developers class @ in January,” he wrote. Innocuous enough, but some members of the Ruby community took umbrage at the pricetag: $2,800. “Any programmer should be able to learn Rails without paying $2,800,” wrote Rubyist Kfir Shay. “Documentation is excellent, free online resources are plenty, community is strong etc.”

$2,800 sounds high when compared to instructional Ruby Meetups and Skillshare classes in the $0-$50 range. Ruby Nuby is a free collaborative meetup / support group for aspiring Rubyists; local Rubyist and DesignerPages chief product office Avi Flombaum is making a neat little side gig out of teaching a $35 class on Ruby basics on Skillshare; he charges $800 for the five-week version. Free resources like Learn Ruby the Hard Way abound.

Still, the $2,800 General Assembly class, “Rails for Developers,” is already sold out. Read More