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The Digital Age

The Olds Shall Inherit the Web: Most of the People on Your Social Networks are Over 35

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Uptime monitoring company Pingdom crunched the numbers behind the U.S. demographics of some of the internet’s most devoted communities in 2012, and unearthed some pretty interesting stats. Though the majority of the web’s infrastructure was built by people who have never played Pokemon or seen an episode of Boy Meets World, social media is largely touted as a young person’s game. But according to Pingdom, the majority of social networks are actually populated primarily by users over 35.
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The Digital Age

It’s All Technology’s Fault You’re More Likely To Get Your Car Towed In New York

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Business Insider‘s penchant for superlative, caps-heavy headlines doesn’t stop with Apple earnings reports or Zynga filings. Oh no. It also extends to its editors’ personal lives. Thus when Henry Blodget’s car got towed the other night, the lifelong New Yorker penned a cautionary tale to local car owners entitled, “WARNING: An Amazing New Technology Is Sweeping the Streets of New York . . .” What, no exclamation points?! As is the case with most technological developments, innovation giveth as it taketh away. In Mr. Blodget’s case, technology helped taketh away his car to a tow lot in Bushwick.

Mr. Blodget narrates the near-Kafkaesque journey, from finding his car missing from its parking spot on the Upper West Side to trying to discover how a truck registered in Connecticut without New York parking tickets could be towed, he finally stumbles on his answer: a new database integration that lets marshals go after ticket-delinquents by names, instead of just license plates. Read More

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First E-Book Signing Ever, OMG

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“BARNES & NOBLE AND SANDRA BOYNTON JOIN TOGETHER TO PRESENT THE WORLD’S FIRST E-BOOK APP SIGNING. On Monday, May 2, renowned writer and illustrator Sandra Boynton will become the world’s first author to sign an eBook app for the general public. This historic signing will take place at 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble’s Upper East Side store, located at 150 E 86th Street at Lexington Avenue, in New York City… “We’re definitely excited to be able to make history with this first-ever eBook app signing,” says Calvin Wang, Founder and President of Loud Crow Interactive. “For us to share this watershed moment in book publishing makes this partnership even more extraordinary.” Thanks, email press release factory! Read More