The Dark Side

The Dark Side

The Case For Browsing Facebook With Tor

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On Friday, Facebook announced that they’d opened up their network for access through Tor, the browser that allows you to roam the Internet anonymously. Tor users, privacy activists and members of the media (guilty) scoffed at the idea — why access Facebook anonymously if Facebook insists on plastering your real name on every interaction?

That’s a question best answered by the Tor Foundation themselves. On Friday, they posted on their official blog explaining why there are still plenty of good reasons to use Tor while checking Facebook, no matter what you’re doing there. Read More

The Dark Side

Craigslist Goes Dark Side, Attempts to Maneuver PadMapper and Others Out of Existence

U mad? (Photo: Idea Mensch)

When last we checked in on the escalating tiffs between Craigslist and Padmapper, the ugly-as-a-mud-fence classifieds site had filed suit against the scrappy startup. Now comes another skirmish: the Verge reports that Craigslist has yanked its listings from Google and other search engines, which is the data equivalent of just ripping out all the wires that make PadMapper go.  Read More