Terrible People

Terrible People

Couple Kept Kids Locked in House For 3 Years While They Played World of Warcraft

The couple was reportedly addicted to World of Warcraft. (Facebook)

This is truly terrible: a man and woman addicted to World of Warcraft have been jailed for locking two young girls aged 10 and 5 inside their dilapidated trailer home for a period of three years.

The California couple, Lester Huffmire and his wife, Petra, were unemployed and spent the majority of their time playing World of Warcraft, the Daily News reports. They kept the girls, described as “female relatives,” locked up between May 2010 and May 2013, prohibiting them from going to school, or even going outside. Read More

Terrible People

Couple Sells Their Two Newborns to Fuel Online Gaming Addiction

Why have kids when you have a computer? (Image via Openclipart)

From two people dying attempting to rescue a cell phone from an open-pit toilet, to the mother and son who drowned after a gaming-related argument, people in China seem increasingly willing to make major sacrifices for #tech.

A loving set of Chinese parents holds their tech so dearly, they were willing to sell both of their children to Fujian-based traffickers in order to commit more time and money to their online gaming, Games In Asia reports. Read More

Terrible People

Online Dating Entrepreneur Starts an Escort Service Disguised as a Travel Site

miss travel

Brandon Wade, the Los Angeles-based serial online dating entrepreneur who founded the adultery site, decided it was important for rich men to have pretty women to accompany them while traveling. Those members of the fairer sex who can’t travel because of lack of funds are too pretty to leave at home! “ is the first of its kind travel dating website that matches Generous travelers, who hate to travel alone, with Attractive people who love to travel but lack the funds to do so. Its marketing pitch is simple: Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!” The press release makes no mention of whether women will also be expected to put out in exchange for that first-class ticket (yes). UPDATE: In April last year, Mr. Wade announced a similar site called that let Attractive and Generous members buy and sell dates, now defunct which is still operating, as Mr. Wade pointed out in the comments.