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Online Deletion Law Would be Totally Helpful for Teens if Delete Buttons Didn’t Exist

She's pulling in a mill as we speak. (Photo via Getty)

We all remember the amazing judgment that came with being a teen. Sure, why not follow up those five shots of Captain with a giant bong rip? Nothing bad will come of hooking up with this terrible 23-year-old pill addict! And hey, Ugg boots with denim mini skirts? Chic.

Just kidding, the only thing worse than a teenager’s judgment is her acne. That, presumably, is why New Jersey state Senator Shirley Turner has introduced a bill that would allow minors to force websites to remove the content they themselves created and posted. Unfortunately, it seems to be just as useless as that California law that purports to do the same thing. Read More

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Teen Pushes Apple to Change Its ‘Insulting’ Dictionary Definition of the Word ‘Gay’

Ms. Gorman (WCVB-TV)

If you were to look up 15-year-old Becca Gorman’s face when she saw how the word “gay” was defined on Apple’s online dictionary, it would be dismayed.

The Massachusetts teenager, who is the daughter of two gay parents, was outraged that the one of the meanings listed on her MacBook Pro laptop included the words “foolish (or) stupid.” The example sentence: “making students wait for the light is kind of a gay rule.” Alarmed and “insulted” that it looked like Apple was legitimizing the slang version of the word, she contacted the computer company to change it. Read More

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Doctors Say Teens Shouldn’t Have Phones in Their Bedrooms (But Then How Will They Sext?)

Besties. (Photo: Getty)

A group of doctors are adding to their field’s centuries-long tradition of party pooping by recommending that parents impose stricter limits on kids’ time with laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Sure, unrestricted media use has been linked to “violence, cyberbullying, school woes, obesity, lack of sleep and a host of other problems,” the Associated Press reports. But surely being able to send unlimited text messages to all your snot-nosed friends is worth it? Read More