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Tech Bubble Watch

Venture Capital Deals Are Surging in Size, But What’s the Payoff?

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According to the new Money Tree report from Price Waterhouse Coopers and the National Venture Capital Association, there was nearly $5.9 billion dollars invested in 736 deals in the first quarter of 2011. According to Dan Primack over at Fortune, that works out to an average of $7.98 million a pop, an 18 percent increase over last quarter, 21.6 percent higher than the average in 2010 and 47 percent higher than the average deal size in 2009.

If the growth of deal size was a reflection of a move towards later stage funding, which typically requires more capital, than this change would seem less important. But as Primack notes, this expansion is across all stages save the seed round, for which it is difficult to gather hard numbers. Anecdotally, at least in New York, Betabeat has been told by numerous investors that the seed stage market is overcrowded and overfunded. Primack goes ahead and puts “bubble” in his headline. Read More

Tech Bubble Watch

The Littlest Angels

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Justin Wohlstadter navigated easily through the crush of long-legged beauties and laptop jockeys crowding the lobby of the Ace Hotel on a chilly Thursday night. His informal office when he’s not in the U.K. doing postgraduate work at Oxford, the wood-paneled bar is also his hunting ground for tech deals to fund Read More