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Taxi Tech

Thanks to Legal Tangles, You’ll See ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Tweets Before You See the Actual Cabs

That's a pretty big phone charger. (Screengrab:

“The Wait Is Over,” a sponsored Gothamist post about Nissan taxicabs trumpeted yesterday: “NYC’s New Cabs Have USB Chargers, Passenger Climate Control, Panoramic Glass Roofs.”

High tech cabs with phone chargers and a view? Sounds great to us. But after we got to the bottom of the post promoting Nissan’s #HailYes campaign, we wondered: where are these wondrous vehicles?

Well, only about 12 of the city’s 13,237 cabs are Nissan NV200s. But Nissan’s still pushing a giant #HailYes social media campaign. Read More

Taxi Tech

Taxi TVs Will Soon Let You Know if Your Cab Driver is Scamming You

(Photo: Yellow Cab NYC)

Ever hop and a cab to get from A to B and feel like it ended up costing way more than it actually should have? Perhaps your driver is surreptitiously tacking on unfair charges to your bill, hoping you’re too stupid to notice. Luckily, that’s where the new taxi tvs come in.

Aside from running rah-rah programming about how many tech companies are hiring and that annoying On the Stoop show, some taxi TVs can now alert you to fare changes and additional charges your cabbie has added on. Read More