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Funny or Tasteless? 15 Steve Jobs Halloween Costumes [SLIDESHOW]

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Eeee! Someone else went there! (

Most people agree it’s too soon for Zombie Steve Jobs (although we found several who didn’t), but polls show the recently-departed Apple co-founder is one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year (which can be independently verified by the pervasive “How to Make a Steve Jobs Halloween Costume” guides).

Yep, Jobs is right up there with Zombie Lindsay Lohan. You’ll probably run into him at a party tonight. Some call it a tribute; some are lookalikes simply embracing an obvious comparison. Others waited until the last minute and happened to have jeans, a black turtleneck and an Apple product lying around. Check out the Jobs costume extravaganza. Read More

Tao of Steve

‘I, Steve': A Book Of Nothing But Steve Jobs Quotes

Money where his mouth is.

Betabeat just received a marvelous little press release from Agate publishing on their new book, I, STEVE: STEVE JOBS IN HIS OWN WORDS, a 160 page collection of quotes from the most iconic product pitchman since P. T. Barnum.

The book, says Agate, is a natural companion to the long awaited biography of Mr. Jobs, coming soon from Walter Isaacson. Fortune writer Adam Lashinsky just announced a few weeks back that he’ll be releasing a book on Steve Jobs in January. The macabre scrabble to be a part of Steve Jobs final years is in full swing.

Betabeat hasn’t had time to read the entire book yet, but we picked out  few of our favorite quotes for you to savor on the subway ride home. The full book comes out in late October.  Read More

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No Golden Parachute for Steve Jobs, CEO of Second-Most Valuable U.S. Company

The lionhead and the lion.

We’re on the email list, a daily serving of excessive executive compensation and corporate lavishness, but today’s missive about CEO compensation had a different tone. The blog took a look at what Mr. Jobs, who has been taking a $1 salary since 2003 even as Apple’s stock soared, is likely to take with him in the way of retirement benefits, severance bonus and other good-bye perks. “The answer: not much.” Read More

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Man Tests Apple Store’s Limits With Pet Goat, Wife

Anyone who’s ever made an appointment at the Genius Bar is probably familiar with Apple retail store’s eagerness to please. Hell, they’ve even barred the word unfortunately from the employee lexicon, much less any hint of customer criticism.  You dunked your iPhone in the toilet? Sounds like it was very thirsty, sir. To determine whether Apple store employee’s agreeability knows no bounds, comedian and writer Mark Malkoff devised a series of four tests which he performed in various NYC locations. How did Apple training hold up against challenges like watching a customer order and eat pizza, romance his very tall wife, request help with iPhone while sporting full Darth Vader regalia, and walk in with a pet goat? Maybe a little too well . . . Read More

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The Vocabulary of Working at an Apple Store: The Word ‘Unfortunately’ Should Not Pass Your Lips

Gleaming, the cube.

In light of reprinted press release an article about Apple store culture in a recent issue of Wall Street Journal, Gawker decided to solicited a more candid take on life behind the Genius Bar by asking from current and former Apple store employees.

According to the testimony they posted Apple frowns upon complaining about customers in the break room and even has a “team of lawyers, data miners” and “forensic internetters” who scan web forums for employee complaints and take action on non-disclosure agreements. Plus, Apple heavily polices what words can be said while working. Read More

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Apple Files a Motion to Help Developers Targeted By Lodsys


Developers at WWDC were frustrated not to hear a word from Steve Jobs about the war patent firm Lodsys is waging against third-party developers. But at long last—okay fine, nine days later—Apple has come out swinging. Yesterday, they filed a motion to intervene in Lodsys’ lawsuit against seven small-time iOS app developers for an in-app purchase mechanism. The court has yet to decide whether it will grant Apple’s motion to act as an intervenor,which Lodsys has the power to oppose. But Apple has already submitted its answer to Lodsys’ complaint and a counterclaim. Apple’s proposed defense is that the alleged infringements are covered under an existing license agreement in Apple’s favor. Read More

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Apple Wants To Make Something Else Obsolete


Not satisfied with the waves of fear it unleashed in competitors at the WWDC keynote yesterday, Apple has released yet another threatening new feature today. This time the planned obsolescence seems to hit closer to home. More specifically, bedtime reading with Mom and Dad. Oh yeah, and a local New York startup called MeeGenius! that premiered at New York Tech Meetup in April. Read More

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A Shortlist of Everyone Steve Jobs Pissed Off Yesterday

via Huffington Post

Apple’s WWDC keynote address yesterday seemed like a study in Newton’s law: the tech version. For every glorified new product or feature announcement, there was an equal and opposite wave of anger and frustration from competitors who suddenly found themselves up against a behemoth that doesn’t play well with others–or from Apple developers who found themselves cast outside the walled garden. The piecemeal rollouts (glaring absent an iPhone 5 update) may not have seemed like much individually, but arrows were slung high and low, hitting companies big and small. Without further ado, here’s the angry mob Steve Jobs left in his wake. Read More