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Scopely Recruits Engineers Using the Same Advertising Strategy as DosXX and Old Spice


Stealth start-up Scopely, the Los Angeles-based brainchild of Eytan Elbaz, of Google AdSense fame, just scored an undisclosed round of funding–some of it from New Yorkers Lerer Ventures and TechStars’ David Tisch, as well as StockTwits’ Howard Lindzon and Greycroft Partners, so they’re staffing up.

The start-up already boasts 12 senior engineers. But to attract more, Scopely is taking an advertiser’s approach to recruiting, with slogans and images that  call to mind DosXX’s fawning “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign and the absurdity of Old Spice’s man-on-a-horse spiel. It’s no surprise, really, some of its existing staff hails from storied ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi and Hollywood via Warner Brothers. At the top of the page, the tag line changes from “Was your autobiography written in Node.Js… before it was invented?” to “Were you able to handle 100,000 requests/second at your high school prom?” Below that, people who refer new hires are promised prizes like beard grooming oil, sex partner panther [Ed note: we’d be into either] cologne, and $11k cash wrapped in bacon. Mmm.

Think of it as the employer equivalent of the best cover letter ever. Read More

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Post a Job at the New We Are NY Tech Job Board, Launching in 94 Hours

clip art silhouettes

We Are NY Tech, the site that every day since November has featured a new profile of someone–developers, designers, founders and so on–is rolling out its branded jobs site in a week. Unprofitable start-ups can post for $25, profitable companies can post for $200, and “beyond profitable” banks can post for $10,000 (LOLz). The posts expire in a month.

Employers can submit listings now. “I’m working on compiling the listings now so the board launches with open jobs,” co-creator Matt Shampine said.  Read More

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HackStars—a Back Door for TechStars ‘Wantrepreneurs’


No one can say TechStars isn’t doing its part to close the geek gap. In a nod to the considerable odds stacked up against applicants for the TechStars startup accelerator program (New York City contenders, for example,  have been narrowed down from 1,000 to 30—and that’s before the next round of cuts), TechStars is expanding an ancillary program for those who didn’t make the grade. HackStars, which is already in place in New York and Boulder, has just launched at the TechStars  Seattle outpost. HackStars developers and designers get the same stipend ($6,000) given to TechStars co-founders. But rather than work on their own startups, they “hack” into the TechStars roster–helping code other people’s projects with the possibility of a job.

Why is this good for New York? Read More

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Billions Dollar Analytics Firm, Palantir, Staffing Up in New York

Palantir's Meat Packing Digs

Although it doesn’t have much mainstream name recognition, Palantir Technologies has seen some explosive growth in the last year. And with new offices in the Meat Packing district, Palantir is competing hard for New York tech talent.

The firm, which began analyzing complex data sets for intelligence agencies, has since brought its tools to bear on a wide range of government and financial services.

Founded by Alex Karp and Peter Thiel, a Paypal co-founder and early Facebook investor, the company just closed on a $50 million round of funding that would value Palantir between $2.5 and $3 billion.

The company won’t reveal whether or not its profitable, saying simply that revenues have grown, but its benefit package is pretty swank for a pre-IPO firm: catered breakfast and chef prepared lunch, nap rooms and rec areas with HD projection screens, laundry service and a housing subsidy. Wonder if East Coast perks are equal to Palo Alto.  Read More

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On Boston Talent Raid, Next Jump CEO Says, Get em’ Young, Keep em’ Loyal

Charlie Kim knows how to woo young engineers: with war stories of the bubble days!

“During the dot-com boom we went from myself to 150 people,” Kim told students from Harvard, Brown and MIT last week. “By January of 2002 we were down to four people. Should died, but instead bloody noses every day for 90 days, pushed on and grew the company up, we’ll be close to 300 people by the end of this year.” Read More

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Tutorspree: We’re Hiring in NYC, Did We Mention We’re Y Combinator

“We just finished Y Combinator, got funding from some of the best investors in the world (East and West), and moved back to NYC,” says Tutorspree, an online marketplace for academic tutor’s that hopes to bring efficiency to the multi-billion dollar tutoring industry that currently lives on Craigslist and telephone poles. They’re hiring an engineering lead, design lead and PHP engineers. “In NYC, wish you were? Want to work for a @ycombinator company?” Tutorspree co-founder and Upper West Side denizen Aaron Harris tweeted. “Fast growing startup that recently graduated Y-combinator and moved back to NYC is hiring,” Chris Dixon echoed.

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AOL Hiring Engineers, Fast

aol logo

AOL needs about 20 senior PHP, full stack and server engineers with three to five years  experience “quickly,” a source told Betabeat this morning. AOL’s job openings page shows 147 listings in New York, including three engineers and an intern at hyperlocal news network and three positions at The Huffington Post Media Group. Read More