Tablet Wars

Tablet Wars

North Korea’s Most Supreme Tablet Comes Loaded With Angry Birds Ripoff But No Internet


If you were hoping to use your new Samjiyon tablet, manufactured in North Korea, to do typical tablety things like stream video or read the news, then you’re out of luck. Geekosystem reports that the new device, which runs on Android, doesn’t actually include the Internet–strange, since when Google’s Eric Schmidt visited the country it went to such great pains to make its citizens look soooo tech-savvy. Read More

Tablet Wars

New York’s Top Digital Agencies See Big Changes Coming With Kindle Fire

Get this guy a smartphone

Aaron Shapiro sees a lot of interesting data as the CEO of Huge, one of the Big Apple’s top digital agencies. The jetsetting Mr. Shapiro just made the Crain’s 2011 “40 Under 40″ list of New York’s young business leaders. His firm oversees campaigns and website redesigns for CNN, Reuters and Pepsi. And right now, Mr. Shapiro said, “The tablet market is the top of my mind.” Read More

Tablet Wars

New York’s Publishing Set Loves Amazon’s New Kindle Fire

NY is en fuego for the Fire

There was a reason Jeff Bezos came all the way to New York to unveil Amazon’s new suite of Kindle e-readers and tablet devices. Like the iPad the Kindle is first and foremost a device for consuming media, with the new Kindles going beyond the book to offer music, television and movies as well. And the Big Apple’s high end publishers are thrilled to have a second dance partner for the party beyond Apple.

As the NY Times reports, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet will come with a digital newsstand front-and-center where users can buy magazines and newspapers. To glossy publishers, this sounds like a haven from a digital world dominated by Angry Birds. Read More

Tablet Wars

Amazon Unleashes The Kindle Fire Tablet in Manhattan

The Kindle, The Kindle, The Kindle is Fire

A huge new player stepped into the tablet space this morning to challenge the completely dominant reign of Apple’s iPad. Bloomberg had the scoop before the 200-some live bloggers in Hell’s Kitchen could even get started. The device is smaller, seven inches versus ten, and costs just $199 versus the iPad’s $499 price tag.

The Kindle Fire, as Amazon’s tablet device is called, is missing a lot of things. It doesn’t have a camera or microphone, so no Facetime communication is possible. It is WiFi only, which, having used the iPad with AT&T 3G for several months now, we believe is a huge drawback. 3G service makes the tablet a truly mobile device. Read More

Tablet Wars

The iPad’s Chokehold on the Tablet Market Is Getting Ridiculous


Tim Cook is going to enjoy his first year as CEO. Apple is oppressively in control of the tablet market, and stands to gain more ground in the next few months.

AllThingsD shared the not-at-all surprising news that the iPad 2 continues to lead the tablet market. Shocking, of course. With millions of sales expected for the next quarter, the competition is a handful of also-rans that would be thrilled with a tenth of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs, BlackBerry PlayBooks; and Acer Iconia Tabs have all shipped hundreds of thousands of units—in some cases millions. But the flood-the-market strategy only works if you’re the company who regularly packs stores with obsessive, regular buyers on opening days—like Apple.

While competitors rush to turn out new generations and features like Hail Marys in the unwinnable game, Apple is sitting on two next releases, squeezing as much out of the market as they can before rolling out the next inevitable best seller. Read More