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The Backlash Against OnSwipe Has Begun


OnSwipe, the breakout start-up from TechStarsNY that converts websites into iPad-ready HTML5, launched to much fanfare last week.  But now that people have had some time to play around with it, not everyone likes what they see.

Entrepreneur/NYU j-school scholar Dave Winer began a post last night on ScriptingNews with, “I’m really getting annoyed with OnSwipe.” This morning, Mr. Winer tweeted a link to a thread on Hacker News with Bay Area coder Danilo Campos declaring, front-and-center, “Fucking crimony do I hate OnSwipe.” Read More

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Onswipe Launches, Helping Hearst and Reuters Avoid Apple’s App Tax

Peel back the cover on your site

The way OnSwipe founder Jason Baptise sees it, the tablet will be the TV of this generation. “So why not make it simple for all websites to be beautiful, touch-enabled and easy to read, online or off.”

The TechStars NY grad will debut to the public today with big name publishing partners like Hearst, Reuters and Slate. On the flip side, the company has locked down advertising relationships with blue chips like American Express and Sprint. Read More