sxsw 2014

sxsw 2014

SXSW Out-Geeks Itself With Giant ‘Pi In the Sky’

The digits of pi, broadcast over SXSW. (Imgur)

March 14 is pretty much a high holiday in the geek community, because its numeric form — 3/14 — is the same as the first three digits of pi. It’s even come to be known as “Pi Day.”

At SXSW, where nerds have (perhaps fruitlessly) been congregating for the past week, Pi Day celebrations kicked off a day early. As the Reddit community faithfully reported, a lengthy list of the digits of pi was broadcast (emitted? puffed?) into the sky above the festival on Thursday, delighting geeky spectators below. Read More

sxsw 2014

Get Out of Town: Why SXSW Isn’t Worth It

Having a blast. (Photo: Getty)

Two years ago, I came up with new rule that I’ll basically accept any offer if it will tie me up and keep me away from Austin during SXSW week. The results have been awesome: Last year I spoke at a small event in Australia. This year I spoke at one in Ireland

 It’s not because I live in Austin now and can rent out my place for a lot of money if I’m gone (although that is nice). It’s clearly not because I have a problem with conferences in general, or I wouldn’t have spent time at others. It’s not even SXSW, though since 2007 I’ve seen it undergo some changes and transformations that I can only shake my head at. Read More

sxsw 2014

These Cosplayers Are Probably the Only People Having Fun at SXSW Interactive

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sxsw cosplay steampunk competition

At South by Southwest Interactive, there’s not a ton of excitement. Panelists are nervous, attendees are tired, and it’s hard not to trip over hallway zombies accumulating on the Convention Center floors, staring dejectedly into space while their phones charge next to them.

But at SXSW Gaming’s Cosplay Competition, this was not the case. People were seriously psyched, from the performers to the huge crowd.

As techno music blared in a totally packed event space, cosplayers bounded onto the stage while two hosts called their names. They channeled their favorite characters from science fiction, comic books, video games or whatever other source material they wanted. The rules stipulated they had to make at least 75 percent of their costumes by hand. Read More

sxsw 2014

Unwilling Meme Nicolas Cage Says He’s ‘Not In the Social Media Realm’

Sheer brilliance. (Facebook)

Nicolas Cage, the man whose face launched a thousand memes, publicly addressed his Internet fame at a widely attended SXSW panel in the Austin Convention Center this morning.

Most of Mr. Cage’s conversation, which was led by Joe director David Gordon Green, focused on the renowned actor’s delightfully diverse film career. Thankfully, Mr. Cage also found time to talk a little about #tech. Read More

sxsw 2014

Where to Find All the Free Food at SXSW 2014

You can edit this photo of an omelet EVEN MORE. (Screengrab via Instagram)

There are free drinks pretty much everywhere at South by Southwest. Free food a trifle harder to come by.

Lucky for you, Betabeat has assembled this guide of places where free food can be found every single day of SXSW for badge-holders. Email if you see an event we’ve missed. Read More