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Survey Says

Study: Speed-Reading Technology ‘Spritz’ Might Not Be All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Aaaah, good ol' fashioned reading. (Wikimedia Commons)

Remember Spritz, that seemingly revolutionary new speed-reading technology? A new study suggests you’re probably still better off reading like a normal human.

In the spring of 2014, the Internet was abuzz with news of Spritz, the speed-reading service that uses rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP). When you read with RSVP, your eyes are quickly shown words one-by-one, thereby removing the time they’d normally spend scanning side-to-side lines of text. Read More

Survey Says

Facebook’s Growth Grinds to a Halt as Elderly Show Up in Droves

All these people are grandparents. (Pixabay)

It’s no secret that Facebook has long been having trouble recruiting younger users, and that it might have something to do with the ever-growing presence of olds on the social networking site. We just didn’t realize, until now, how many grandparents were on the site—and it’s more than we expected.

Pew Research today released its Social Media Update 2014, wherein they document the habits of the 81 percent of American adults who use the Internet (in other news, 19 percent of American adults don’t use the Internet, which makes us both confused and envious).

Fifty-six percent of adults aged 65 and over use Facebook, the survey found. That means 31 percent of all American seniors are on Facebook—or “The Facebook,” as we like to imagine they call it. Read More

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Study: We Can Smell People With Similar Political Views

The key to happiness? (Wikimedia Commons)

Looking for a BF who shares your radical right-wing ideologies? Find somebody whose body odor smells good to you.

Sure, that sounds totally gross, but humans are more attracted to the B.O. of people with similar political views, according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Political Science. This subconscious armpit-to-nose communication might be “a modern way of signalling compatibility to potential mates,” the Daily Mail reports. Read More

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E-Cigs Still Aren’t FDA Approved, But Science Says They’ll Help you Quit Smoking

They look dumb, but we guess they help prevent cancer? (Wikimedia Commons)

We’ll admit it: we’ve made fun of e-cigarettes before for their unwavering ability to make people look like tools. But despite e-cigarettes’ icky appearance, a new study has found that they’re actually doing a great job of helping people quit smoking.

People trying to quit smoking are 60 percent more likely to succeed if they switch to e-cigarettes than if they use nicotine products or quit cold turkey, Reuters reportsRead More

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Almost Half of All Sexters are Dirty Liars, Study Says

And it is a LIE. (Stock.Xchng)

Attention sexters and Tinder addicts alike — the other end of your steamy convo is probably wearing sweatpants and watching Netflix.

At least, that’s according to a study conducted at Indiana University – Purdue University in Fort Wayne. The results, published in Computers and Human Behaviors, showed that almost half the people who have sent sexy texts have lied while doing so. Read More

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Porn Site Claims Sagittarians Are Most Likely To Make Amateur Porn

We bet this dude made a TON of amateur pornos. (Wikimedia Commons)

We don’t put much stock in astrology, but a study by amateur porn site Homegrown Video (link NSFW) suggests your zodiac sign might determine whether you’re into making your own pornos.

“Statistics collected by Homegrown Video over a six-month period found people with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, or those born from November 22 to December 21, are most likely to produce and submit a sex tape for public consumption than those of other astrological signs,” the company’s press release says. Read More

Survey Says Pushes Stats About Slutty Redheads In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day

LOL r u guys serious (Photo: Getty)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day when college-aged Americans celebrate Irish culture and its incredible impact on the U.S. by day-drinking, wearing green T-shirts that were made in Cambodia, and fighting each other.

This year, it’s also the day decided to release some puzzling statistics on red-haired women’s sex lives. It’s no secret that there are a lot of Irish people with red hair. And now, we have a whole bunch of numbers that seem to confirm the old stereotype that red-haired women are more “sexually liberated,” in’s words, than women with other hair colors. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Mom! Read More

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Porn Site Claims 1/3 Of Its Amateur Videos Are Created in Bible Belt

The Bible Belt (Wikimedia Commons)

We daintily gasped and clutched our pearls this morning when we learned a third of the videos submitted to an amateur porn site are created in America’s Bible Belt.

As we learned this morning through an email, amateur porn company Homegrown Video measured the demographics of people who submitted videos to their studio between July and December of 2013. Part of the survey involved measuring the number of video submissions they received per state, and they found that 29.6 percent came from the Bible Belt. So much for all those hours of Sunday school, we guess. Read More