Terrifying Eavesdropping Lamp Live-Tweets Your Private Conversations

Sounds great. (Screengrab: Vimeo)

Welcome to 2014, where it’s possible that a seemingly harmless piece of furniture could be broadcasting your private conversations across the Internet.

Two artists have just unveiled a creepy product called the Conversnitch, Wired reports, and sadly, it has nothing to do with Quidditch. Rather, it’s a device that looks exactly like a lamp, except it records nearby conversations, transcribes the audio files, and then posts snippets of the conversations to Conversnitch’s Twitter account.

The creators, Brian House and Kyle McDonald, believe the Conversnitch is reflective of the current NSA-related privacy threats Americans are currently facing. Read More


The Government Can Search Your iPhone Apps, Might Know Your Level in Candy Crush

CLASSIFIED (Photo: Candy Crush)

Looks like that busybody peering over your shoulder on the subway isn’t the only one keeping tabs on your Candy Crush progress. The government could also be watching as you play — and stealing your location, age, sex and other information.

Yes, new shit has come to light regarding NSA surveillance. The New York Times and ProPublica have learned in their continued perusal of Edward Snowden-leaked documents that the government is spying not only on our calls, texts and metadata, but also on our very apps. Read More


Russian Voice ID Company Would Like to Record You for American Authorities

How VoiceGrid works (SpeechPro-USA)

In case Orwellian surveillance systems like TrapWire weren’t creepy enough, we learn today that SpeechPro, a Russian-owned company, has helpfully invented a voice identification tool for law enforcement use called VoiceGrid Nation. American authorities are looking into using the software at 911 call centers and in police precincts. As Slate reports, it’s already in place and working out pretty well in some other countries: Read More