Sure Why Not

Sure Why Not

‘Game of Phones’ Is Trying to Turn iPhone Addiction Into a Group Activity

"Show your yuppiest app." (Screengrab: Kickstarter)

Usually it’s impossible to communicate with your friends when they’re staring at their iPhone screens all night.

Game of Phones, a new crowdfunded card game, is trying to turn iPhone addiction into something friends can bond over. The game, which purposely incorporates smartphones, mixes Cards Against Humanity and scavenger hunts to work technology into the social dialogue. Read More

Sure Why Not

Gawker Thinks Gwyneth Paltrow Might Be Having an Affair Because Whisper App Says So

Seems legit. (Photo:

Imagine if your school newspaper ran a story reporting that some anonymous hater on JuicyCampus said that you were, I don’t know, hooking up with your calc professor. That would be pretttttty insane, right? Well, that’s basically what Defamer, Gawker’s Hollywood gossip blog, did today.

“Secret Sharing App Claims Gwyneth Paltrow Is Cheating with Lawyer,” their headline bellows. The story first contorts rumors about that Vanity Fair takedown piece that never was, and VF editor-in-chief Graydon Carter’s response to those rumors, into evidence. Then, they get to the real proof: a posting on the app Whisper. Read More

Sure Why Not

Soon You Will Be Able to 3D Print Your Own Disposable Undies

Like an ACE bandage for your junk (Photo: Tamicare)

Modern life is full of mundane problems like lukewarm coffee and linty sweaters. One issue we’ve never run into is that of inaccessible, too-permanent undies. But tech is going to solve it anyway, with disposable underwear you can 3D print from the safety of your own 3D printing room.

An Israeli couple has invented “Cosyflex,” a material that feels like cloth and can be made into the stunning beige briefs seen at left. It’s biodegradable, stretchy and disposable, CNet reports. Read More

Sure Why Not

Wearable Tech Goes Way Downmarket With These USB Cord ‘Bracelets’

Honestly, we could fux with the top one. (Screengrab: eBay)

Move over, weird Google Glass earbud. There’s a new kind of wearable tech in town, and it’s marginally cooler-looking.

The Council of Fashion Designers of America and eBay have teamed up to color with magic markers on a bunch of USB cords, then wrap them around people’s wrists, PSFK reports. See, they are iPhone chargers that don’t come with iPhones or wall plugs. Read More