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Style Startups

Forget the Uber Clones: Soon Enough, There Will Be a Bonobos-of-Everything

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Every time we turn our heads, there’s a new Uber or Airbnb clone. There’s the Uber for helicopters, chefs and planes, as well as Airbnb-style apps for dogs, boats, cars, clothes and private jets. But another startup model is pulling more and more VC dollars away from sharing economy copy-cats and sexting apps. Call it the Bonobos-for-everything, or maybe the Warby-for-everything if you’re not into J Crew-style chinos.

As of this morning, Jack Erwin, a startup that makes mens’ shoes that lean a bit dressy, has closed a $6 million dollar round led by industry giant Brown Shoe. The NYC Soho-based company sells hand-made shoes from Spain, but can offer them cheaper than more established brands by going direct-to-consumer, cutting out middlemen, brands and retailers who jack up the prices. An analogous company would be Brooklyn-based Greats, which sells casual streetwear shoes through a nearly indistinguishable business model. Read More

Style Startups

Stylecaster and Etsy Unite to Bring High Fashion to the Masses


Stylecaster, the community-driven fashion platform, has teamed up with the Internet’s answer to Zooey Deschanel, Etsy, to help bring accessible fashion to the masses. The two NYC-based companies collaborated on a photoshoot near Etsy’s HQ at Dewey’s Candy Store in painfully hip Dumbo. It’s a powerful collision of New York startups and style, so be sure to don your best shades, lest you be blinded by the breathtaking twee-ness of it all. Read More