Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like

Torturous Ennui of the Upper Middle Class Explored with #ThisAmericanLifeStories Hashtag

Mr. Oswalt (Photo: Wikipedia)

“This American Life” is a radio show so beloved–and so unfailingly pretentious–that even its biggest fans have to concede that it’s mostly a portrait of the spoiled upper middle class. Today┬ácomedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to playfully mock the show, first tweeting “A small, local post office #ThisAmericanLifeStories” and following that up with “Hats #ThisAmericanLifeStories.”

Of course, the hashtag tore off like Ira Glass in an artisanal cheese shop: soon it was trending, and our Twitter feed was filling up with hilarious suggestions for upcoming show topics, like “Alfalfa farmers who also read The New Yorker#ThisAmericanLifeStories,” as a user named Henning Fog tweeted. Read More