Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Betaworks Launches Weather Service Because Let’s Face It, You’re No Meteorologist

Brb, running to the Warby Parker store. (Photo: Screencap)

Do unexpectedly blustery days leave you wailing at the fates? Sick of dressing in your smartest spring sandals, only to walk outside and discover there’s still a nip in the air?

So are the folks at Betaworks, apparently.

And now, a small team led by hacker-in-residence Kuan Huang has dreamed up Poncho, a new weather service launching today for New York City. It promises to deliver a personalized forecast that’ll help you figure out whether you can really get by with just a cardigan.

Mr. Huang told Betabeat that the idea was born as “something for my personal use.” He wanted an interpreter for the forecast, who could tell him, “It’s 46 degrees, windy; you should wear a scarf.” He admitted it’s “a pain point I have in my life.” You and me both, buddy. Read More

Stormy Weather

Vine, Seamless, and ‘Say Yes to the Dress': An Internet Preparedness Kit for Snowstorm Nemo

Via Smile, It Looks Good on You

You’d think after Hurricane Sandy, nothing short of the actual apocalypse could rattle New Yorkers. And yet, if Twitter is any indication, it seems there’s a fair bit of panicky flailing happening around the city right now. Well, buck up, because we’ve assembled a complete Internet preparedness kit featuring everything you might possibly need.

Maybe also buy some batteries, though?  Read More