Stop The Tumblrs

Stop The Tumblrs

Please, Remain Calm: Tumblr Will Be Down Saturday Morning

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If you’re less than observant, you might have missed a little announcement at the top of the Tumblr Dashboard, containing some “bittersweet news” from VP of engineering Blake Matheny.

Okay, you might want to sit down for this.

Are you sitting down?

Okay, while the Tumblr team has been hard at work scaling up to meet the scads of impressions per day, there’s one final step left in the process. Just one! However, that one final step has an unfortunate side effect:  Read More

Stop The Tumblrs

Gaga’s Day-Old Tumblr Has More than 26 K. Notes

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Tumblr’s servers must be quivering in fear. Lady Gaga, one of the most-followed people on Twitter, just joined Tumblr, the start-up’s fashion director Rich Tong announced yesterday. Ms. Gaga tested the water by tumbling seven posts in a row, but hasn’t mentioned her new blog on Twitter or added a link to her website. Maybe she’s trying to give Tumblr some breathing room before her fans crash the company’s servers like they did Amazon.

Stop The Tumblrs

Tumblr, Age 4, Hosts as Many Blogs as WordPress, Age 8. Can We Stop Comparing Them Now?


Welp, Tumblr has caught up to WordPress, Mark Coatney said during an NPR interview yesterday. Tumblr has been hot on WordPress’s trail for a while; now both free blogging platforms host or power about 20 million blogs. “Tumblr now has about the same amount of bloggers as WordPress:  But which ones get more traffic? Guessing the latter,” tweeted social media wunderkind Vadim Lavrusik, formerly of Mashable, now media liaison for Facebook.

We say, who cares? We’re sick of hearing this comparison. Juxtaposing Tumblr and WordPress is like comparing Apple to Read More