YouTube Founders Take Aim at Online Magazine Publishers With Zeen


YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s AVOS is on the move with a new project, Zeen. Zeen, which currently exists as a minimalist website, Twitter feed and Facebook page, promises users will be able to “discover & create beautiful magazines” and offers prospective users the opportunity to reserve a username. The site allows users to register via Facebook, Twitter or with an email address. Read More


The Fancy–Kind of Like Pinterest But All About the Money


With more than 11 million users Pinterest is the current King Kong of sites featuring curated collections of images of doilies and Quaker-style furniture (among many other things). The Fancy may have trumped Pinterest in one respect–businesses can profit directly from items posted on the site. This differs from the current model used by Pinterest which monetizes content through affiliate links:

Merchants need to claim items already posted on the Fancy site in order to sell there. Right now, the startup will only accept one merchant per item. Eventually, like Google, it will list many merchants who sell an item. If no merchant claims an item, users still need to travel to a third-party site in order to make the purchase.

Joe Einhorn launched The Fancy in 2011. High profile backers include Ashton Kutcher and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey sits on its board. Until today, though, it was a lesser-known Pinterest competitor and like that site unprofitable. Business Insider, however, says The Fancy’s users are “highly engaged” and the site is more “male-focused” than Pinterest. Read More


Foer Square! The Boy Genius Builds a Web Guide to Points Unknown


In 2007, Joshua Foer, the youngest of the fabulous Foer brothers, was looking for an intern to help organize meetings for the Athanasius Kircher Society, his blog devoted to arcane and forgotten objects. Dylan Thuras, a frequent reader of the blog, was the only person to volunteer. Shortly after joining forces, Thuras left New York to spend a year in Hungary. Unable to find a good guide to the country’s stranger destinations, Thuras emailed Foer for his input, and Atlas Obscura was born. 
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Spinback Sells The Social Side of Commerce

andrew ferenci

Like all these uppity tech entrepreneurs, Andrew Ferenci started his first venture as a freshman in college. It was an e-commerce business he built with his best friend from high school selling items from university stores that weren’t easily available online. They decided not to get too creative and called it CollegeShack, Read More


Developers Are Hiding Deep In the Forrst


Kyle Bragger’s latest startup, Forrst, started as a side project that just got too popular.

Mr. Bragger started Forrst because he felt self-conscious about talking about coding on Twitter and Tumblr, where many of his followers wouldn’t understand or care.

Forrst is a private, invitation-only blog network for developers. It’s like the Read More