Startup Woes

Startup Woes

Columbia Business School Student Pens a Cautionary Fable of ‘Drugs, Sex and C++’

The wistful-looking Mr. Frankel. (Facebook)

We’ve all heard of the lean startup, but what about the “The Anorexic Startup?” Shockingly, it’s not a new incubator or accelerator program–it’s actually a short story written by Columbia Business Student Mike Frankel that serves as a¬†humorous¬†warning tale for anyone in New York looking to build their own startup.

We caught the story on Reddit yesterday and were skeptical about it–how interesting can a short story with a pervasive Aesop-type moral really be? But we were actually pleasantly surprised, and found ourselves chuckling aloud while reading it. The PDF is available for free under a Creative Commons license on Mr. Frankel’s website. Read More