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Startup Fashion

Some Geniuses Finally Invented a Purse That Charges Your iPhone

Never miss another sext. (Photo:

Getting caught with a dead phone is terrifying. What if someone tries to abduct you and you have no way of calling 9-1-1? What if you get lost and have no way to access Google Maps? What if someone’s texting you?

But now, there’s a new way to keep your phone charged without begging the restaurant hostess to let you use the outlet by the door while you eat. Yes, a purse has been invented that can fully charge your phone twice a day without being plugged in. Read More

Startup Fashion

Meet NYC’s Very Own Meggings Enthusiast: Internet Entrepreneur Mark Dorosz

(Screencap: YouTube)

Although the startup sector’s satorial attitude could best be described as business shabby, some New York entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to embrace their fashion-forward side. Take, for instance, Mark Dorosz, director of biz dev at education startup Interactive Services, who just this morning became the poster child for a new trend sweeping our fine city: meggings. Yes, men wearing leggings. Read More