Start-up Slumber Parties

Start-up Slumber Parties

Co-Working Is So 2010, Man. In Williamsburg, Start-Ups Move Onto Co-Living

This could be your living room.

#StartupLife co-founders Steven Liu and Louie Torrellas have already collected $1,040 (and counting!) towards their $10,000 campaign to create an affordable co-living space for start-ups in East Williamsburg. They’re certainly in the right neighborhood for such a collegiate project. McKibbin Lofts, just two blocks away, is so popular with artsy post-grads that it’s often referred to as a dorm. Okay fine, maybe it’s more like that “filthy hipster dorm,” but still.

Perhaps it was that underground ethos that prompted the two co-founders to eschew Kickstarter for their fund-raising campaign and instead opt to advertise on the more DIY-focused San Francisco-based IndieGoGo.

Although you can’t throw a Nexus S1 in parts of the city without hitting a coworking spaces, that still leaves future Dennis Crowleys and Kevin Ryans to fend for themselves after hours. Liu’s plan for a start-up alternative involves “lower-than-market rent, a close-knit start-up community, and a strong network of experienced mentors”–accessible from bunkbeds, private bedrooms, or suites in 20 separate apartment units. Bunkbeds go for under $300/month, but come with access to the courtyard and rooftop. “All you need is a suitcase and a dream.” (Oh, and at least $550/month if you don’t want to become too familiar with your co-founder’s sleepwear.) Read More