Start-Up Fashion

Start-Up Fashion

Start-Up Fashion: Interactive Tees


New Yorker Francisco Hui designed Interactees, an editable messageboard of a t-shirt that serves as an ice-breaker for meet-ups and events. “Interactees is meant to use the t-shirt as a platform for expression. A simple way to introduce customization, and bring online habits offline,” Mr. Hui says. The first Interactee–“I’m looking for a…”–was a hit at the networking fest South By Southwest. Read More

Start-Up Fashion

Start-Up Fashion: John Britton

John Britton's Converses

Twilio developer evangelist John Britton always wears a red track jacket (the company’s color) and these Twilio logo-emblazoned Converses when he goes to events. The outfit makes him easy to spot. “Nobody wears red at hackathons,” he said.

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