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Flybridge’s David Aronoff Explains Why He Led a $5 M. Series A in NYC Enterprise Standout BetterCloud


In a recent blog post about the Series A crunch for consumer Internet startups, Fred Wilson wrote, “now that the momentum/late stage wants enterprise, we should expect the layers below to give them enterprise.”

Flybridge Capital Partners, an early-stage VC firm with a focus on enterprise startups and companies that support infrastructure for consumer-facing startups (like 10Gen), is well positioned to capitalize on that trend. In September, the Boston-based firm opened an office in New York City, moving principal Matt Witheiler out to join the team. And today Flybridge leading a $5.05 million Series A round in BetterCloud, an enterprise startup that provides cloud management tools for Google Apps. Read More

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Why I Chose to Build My Enterprise Startup in New York City

Mr. Politis

This is a guest post from David Politis, the founder and CEO of BetterCloud, the makers of FlashPanel, an admin tool for Google Apps that has acquired 10,000 customers and 3 million users since launching this July. You can follow him on Twitter @DavePolitis.

New York City has long been the promised land for investment bankers, hedge funders, media moguls and advertising agencies. More recently, it has become a center of innovation for technology startups. There is no shortage of launches and funding announcements for consumer-facing tech startups and service providers for digital advertisers.

However, exceptions side, one thing is certain: New York City is not known as a home for startups developing for enterprise. Read More

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Enterproid, a Startup that Separates the Personal and Professional on Android Devices, Raises $11 M.

We really wanted to use the headline Enterp the Void, but it made no sense.

Enterproid isn’t exactly a name that rolls off the tongue, which is why Betabeat recognized it immediately when we saw TechCrunch post that the New York-based company had raised $11 million in a Series A round from Google Ventures, Comcast, and Qualcomm. The startup uses a platform called Divide to let corporations offer their employees the ability to make distinct professional and personal profiles on the same Android device.

We recognized the name from an interview Betabeat did last week with Kirill Sheynkman, the VC running RTP, a $750 million fund backed by Leonid Boguslavsky, aka Russia’s number two tech investor after Yuri Milner.

At the time, Mr. Sheynkman, who invests in IT, SaaS and cloud computing companies pointed to Enterproid as an outlier in the New York’s mainly consumer-facing tech scene. Read More

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Dwight Merriman’s 10Gen Raises $20 M. From Sequoia and Union Square

Dwight Merriman

10Gen is not a startup you hear discussed often at cocktail parties, even the kind full of engineers. But Kevin Ryan has told Betabeat on more than one occassion that he believes 10Gen –which provide commercial support for MongoDB,  the increasingly popular open source NoSQL database– is the AlleyCorp company with the most potential in the long term.

10Gen has just raised a $20 million series D from Sequoia, FlyBridge and Union Square Ventures. Read More

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Finishing a Record Year, AppSense Eyes a Move Beyond the Enterprise

This could be you, miners!

The last five months were supposed to be a period of investment for New York based AppSense, which raised a whopping $70 million from Goldman Sachs in June. “We thought with all the hiring and outlay, our financials would take a breather, but that wasn’t the case,” said Peter Rawlinson, the company’s VP of Marketing. Despite growing the staff by 60% over the last year, the company saw its business jump 54% as well, to $71 million.

The company provides virtualization services that establishes a unique user log-in for different devices. So a staffer who works on a PC at the office can sign into their PC at home and  see the same applications, documents and level of corporate security. That same virtual desktop can travel with them on a Windows laptop and be accessed from any terminal around the world connected to the company’s network. Read More