Jack Dorsey Can’t Even Look at a Picture Anymore Without Wanting It to Be a Vine

Mr. Dorsey and Ms. Brown. (Photo: Courtesy Hearst)

Twitter cofounder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey took the stage in a non-Silicon Valley venue this afternoon: an auditorium in the Hearst HQ, for a chat with Harper’s Bazaar executive editor Laura Brown. 

Fittingly for an audience of stylishly attired editorial belles, Ms. Brown led by asking Mr. Dorsey about his leadership philosophy. The man, it seems, likes to think of himself as an editor.

“I’ve studied a lot of editors, I’ve studied a lot of newspapers and magazines,” Mr. Dorsey explained. He thinks of his own job as editing the team (brings new meaning to “kill your darlings”), as well as crafting both mission and product for the company. “It’s a constant chance to make it better and better and better and better. Sometimes the best edit is a complete rewrite,” he concluded. Read More