Spotty Youths

Spotty Youths

Bizarre ‘Pregnancy Text’ Campaign Turns Kids’ Phones Into Screaming Babies

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Teens these days! They are so into their smartphones, they don’t even hang out at malls or school dances anymore.

One would think their Snapchat addiction would preclude them from having actual procreative sex, too. But apparently, this isn’t the case. So in its ongoing efforts to reduce teen pregnancy, is hitting teens where they live: on their phones. Read More

Spotty Youths

NJ Bill Would Force Middle Schoolers to Learn About Tweeting

tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap (Photo: Getty)

The New Jersey Senate has passed a bill mandating a course on responsible social media use for sixth-through-eighth graders, because adults are always so good at teaching young people about tech.

It won’t just cover Twitter and Facebook — and hopefully the proper techniques for finger-scribbling all over a Snapchat photo. In addition, kids taking the class will learn about “cyber safety, cyber security, and cyber ethics,” according to Read More

Spotty Youths

Tweens Are Sexting Up a Storm, But Not Having Much Sex

The apex of teendom, sexting at the mall. (Photo: Getty images)

Old people love freaking out about what kids are up to these days. It’s like parents forget that they, too, used to get high at lunch and make out in school supply closets (everybody did that — right?).

Sexting is the 2014 parental hangup equivalent to pot-smoking in the ’60s and video games and Marilyn Manson music in the ’90s. Kids are doing it, and parents just cannot get over it. In fact, sometimes they’re mad enough to punish kids with child pornography charges if they find out they’re doing it.  Read More

Spotty Youths

Colleges Now Stalking Applicants’ Social Media Profiles to Gauge How Terrible They Are

Imagine the shit show this guy's Instagram would have been.

Hey high school seniors, are you stressed enough? College admissions officers sure don’t think so. The New York Times is spreading the word that in addition to scouring your grades, test scores and every move since kindergarten, your dream school’s nosy sentries are probably stalking you on Twitter right this minute.

The Times‘s story starts with an anecdote about a young lady who didn’t get into Bowdoin after she live tweeted an information session, mocking the other attendees all the while. Unbelievably, she used her real name and Bowdoin’s name in the tweets. “It was incredibly unusual and foolish of her to do that,” the school’s dean of admissions, Scott A. Meiklejohn, told the Times. Read More