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Manchester United Puts An End to iPad Selfies By Banning Tablets

Huggable soccer friends. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Manchester United has a novel idea for fans who want to bring their obnoxious iPads to the games: don’t.

The soccer team, ugh club, is banning the use of “large electronic devices” in its stadium because they’ve had enough of those awkward selfies. According to a letter distributed to fans last night, the team specifically calls out iPads and iPads Minis along with any gadget that is larger than 150mm x 100m, so that includes the three people who own a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Read More

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Uber Will Send You a ‘Halftime Show’ With Band, Cheerleaders On Demand This Week

Basically. (Photo:

If you pine for the days when halftime meant chugging a Poland Springs bottle full of Popov atop the bleachers while making fun of your high school’s cheerleaders and clarinetists, you’re in luck.

Uber is sending spirit squads and bands around as part of their Get Hyped For Halftime publicity stunt initiative. On Jan. 28 and 29, the disruption-happy taxi service will send you six band members and six cheerleaders wherever you are. Simply request “HALFTIME” in your Uber app between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Read More

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Dear Jay-Z, Alexis Ohanian Would Like to Purchase Your Shares in the Brooklyn Nets

He's all set! (Photo:  SB Nation comments)

Now that Jay-Z is starting a sports talent agency, it looks like he might have to offload his stake in the Brooklyn Nets if he wants to rep NBA players. HOVA no doubt has plenty of interested buyers knocking on his door, but the most public enthusiast is a familiar face from the New York tech scene: Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian.

SB Nation reports that the would-be President of the Internet expressed his interest in a recent TV appearance: Read More