Moving to New York City: A Software Engineer’s Guide

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This is a guest post by Daniel Doubrovkine, Head of Engineering at, and originally appeared on his blog

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A couple of my friends have been interviewing in New York for the last ten years. They are solid engineers from Seattle or the Silicon Valley. They often get offers, but never take them. Hiring managers would say that they are using the interviews as a way to come to New York for free. But the real problem is the combination of unreasonable expectations around compensation mixed with preconceived notions about cost of living in New York. This post should help you get rid of those. Read More


Why Square is Selling Through Apple at a Loss


Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment play, Square, recently announced that it will begin retailing through Apple’s online and brick and mortar stores.

This afternoon Dorsey tweeted out, “If you want a free reader mailed to you, download the @Square app. If you want one now, check if your local Apple store has it in Read More


How to Get Your App Into the Apple App Store

Apple Unveils New Software For iPhone And iPad

You might think that the only thing standing between your brilliant idea for an iPhone app and a sweet little beachfront shack on the South Fork is a little technological know-how.

Hang on, hoss. Take off the fingerless programming gloves. Set that Red Bull down. Oh you already opened it? Well you might as well Read More