Spam Wars

Spam Wars

A CAPTCHA That Asks How You Feel About Homosexuality

Choose wisely. (Photo: screencap)

CAPTCHAs are a good way to sort the bots from the bodies, providing a bulwark against the never-ending flood of spam. But because proving you’re human requires a moment of your attention, captchas also happen to be a great place to embed a political message. That’s what one organization has realized, according to Sophos’s Naked Security blog.

The Swedish-based group Civil Rights Defenders is currently promoting its very own brand-new captcha system. The site explains: Read More

Spam Wars

Reddit: Ban on Businessweek and The Atlantic Is Temporary


Seems like the folks over at Reddit don’t take too kindly to spammers. The Daily Dot reports that at least five news source domains, including some media heavyweights like The Atlantic and Businessweek, have been banned from Reddit. That doesn’t just mean employees at those companies can’t post links–it means that users can’t post links that include or domains. Read More

Spam Wars

Amazon Gets on the Accidental Spam Bandwagon, Freaks Out Kindle Owners with Auto-Subscription Offer


Accidentally embarrassing spam faux pas? All the cool corporations are doing it these days. A week or so after The New York Times sent out an email about cancelled home delivery that was supposed to go out to 300 people and instead went out to 8 million, Amazon committed its own spamming PR debacle.

As AllThingsD reports, Amazon had to issue an apology last night to Kindle owners who received a notice about automatic enrollment for a subscription to something called the Kindle Compass that: 1. they didn’t sign up for and 2. “would automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate” if they did nothing. Nothing like hearing that the mere act of going about your day as usual now comes with a mysterious additional fee. Read More