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Good News For NY’s Social Media Score, Foursquare Now Counts Towards Klout

Getting Greecey

Betabeat is a close observer of our Klout score, which we measure weekly along with our blood pressure and credit card debt. Recently we noticed a very nice spike into the 60+ territory. One reason might be that we added our Foursquare account to our Klout profile a few weeks back and the tips we have been leaving around New York are now contributing to our social media influence. Read More

Social Strat Is Building the Ultimate Event Engine

bromly cap

For Chad Gallagher, New York nightlife was an embarrassment of riches. “A lot of the time I was kind of paralyzed by all my choices for what to do on a Friday night, so I would just end up doing whatever my friends had chosen,” he told Betabeat.

One of Mr. Gallagher’s friends was a frequent business traveler who complained about spending 24 hours in a city, taking meetings during the day and not knowing what to do with his evenings. So Mr. Gallagher founded, a search engine that collects data from sources like Meetup, Eventbrite and partners like Thrillist, then uses social data from Facebook to recommend events to users. Read More

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Pump Up Your Klout Score With Foursquare

This dude's just happy to get his Klout score out of the teens.

If you’re the type of influencer who seeks daily affirmation about the size of your reach, the fact that Klout–the start-up that assigns your status on the social web a numerical value–only measures Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has probably been a source of consternation. But Foursquare users can rejoice. Although the company hasn’t officially announced an integration, even Klout investors, like ff ventures’ John Frankel (Klout score: 61), have been tweeting out the news.

The Next Web suspects that the integration “will likely see the service assess friend counts, badges and mayorships” for an offline component to influence measured on social networks.

Yesterday, Klout announced that its API served 2 billion calls in June alone, quadruple the number of calls from just a few months back. According to the company’s blog, interest has moved beyond just social media monitoring companies and PR firms: Read More

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KloutGate: Prepare to be Judged on Your Social Media Score

"But I'm a beta tester for Bromance!"

We’ve entered a world in which prominent venture capitalists encourage their children to tweet earlier and often in order to build up their personal brand online.

Betabeat is no stranger to this game. Having a great social strat and being active on the Facebook and Tumblr is key to getting more eyeballs on our stories, which is how we earn the big bucks. Read More

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Intel’s Museum of Me Features Dead Friends and Ex-Lovers

museum of me

It’s pretty commonplace for me to grant access to third party sites and web apps that want to use my Facebook data. When I stumbled on the link for Intel’s new Museum of Me, I didn’t think twice about letting it peek through my account.

But during the short tour, a “journey that explores who I am” by traveling through a virtual museum composed of images, text and video from my profile, I found myself unsettled. Read More