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A Fond Photo Farewell to Friendster: New York Edition

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Rachel Sklar

Nostalgia was in the air yesterday (or on Twitter, same thing) after Friendster announced it would be permanently erasing a huge trove of pictures and wall postings.

Folks like Jason Scott of the Archive Team, who rallied to save GeoCities Pages and Google Video clips, are planning to download and save as much of Friendster’s public data as possible before it shuts down at the end of May. “This is the everyday neural activity of a world, of a society, scooped up and saved,” Scott told the NYT’s Jenna Wortham. “To me, that’s completely valuable and worthwhile to make sure it is saved for the future.”

Betabeat decided to take a quick spin through the this digital Pompei, where the early aughts remain frozen and largely open to the curious visitor. We found a wealth of New York techies and some curious profile pics. Plus loads of testimonials, those oddly effusive wall postings where users praised each other by recounting embarrassing experiences. Read More

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10 Things the Media Either Gets Wrong or Doesn’t Know About the Winklevoss Twins

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They aren't looking for sympathy - only your understanding that everyone, no matter who they are or what they look like, should qualify for justice.

The Winklevoss twins lost another round in their legal battle against Mark Zuckerberg today, but according to their lawyer, they aren’t giving up yet. Our newest team member, Foster Kamer, has corresponded in the past with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss for a story about their thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg. They responded instead with the following email,  which seeks to educate members of the public and the media on these oft misunderstood monozygotes.

From Cameron and Tyler:

Hey Foster,

Talked it over, and thought that perhaps doing a “10 things you probably don’t know about the Winklevoss” or “10 Things the media either gets wrong or doesn’t know about the Winklevoss twins” might be best format. Read More