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Goldman Sachs Increases Facebook Ties with a $20 Million Round in Media Buying Platform Network Insights

Lloyd Blankfein likes this.

Networked Insights, a startup that helps marketers make media buys by analyzing cues from social networks like Facebook and Twitter, has raised a $20 million round led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. That’s the same Goldman division that shopped around private shares of Facebook before media attention and government scrutiny forced them to take it back. Read More

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Facebook Plans to Schmooze Advertisers With Its Madison Avenue Startup Decor

This guy's not reading your texts. They promise.

Brush up on your ping-pong skills, advertisers, you’re about to get to get the Silicon Valley treatment.

With Advertising Week poised to take New York City, the New York Times reports that the sales and marketing teams of internet behemoths like Yahoo, Google, Apple, and yes Facebook are poised to make good on their Manhattan real estate investments. Although Twitter’s new Madison Avenue digs somehow don’t warrant a mention.

Rather than flying big brands out to the West Coast, they’ve set up shop in the Flatiron (Apple’s new iAd division), Times Square (Yahoo’s new digs), Madison Avenue (Facebook and Twitter are new neighbors), and don’t forget the Googleplex East on Eighth. Read More

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Grouper Sets You Up With Three Facebook Strangers, But ‘It’s Not a Date’


Co-founders Jerry Guo and Michael Waxman like to joke that Grouper is a Y Combinator-funded startup. That’s because they didn’t come up with the idea for Grouper–a social service that sets you and two friends up with three strangers based on your Facebook profile–until they got rejected from YC. “We took our $400 travel reimbursement check from YC and used that as seed capital for Grouper,” Mr. Guo told Betabeat via gChat.

Does that mean Grouper is a pivot?? “Lol,” he wrote, “It’s a completely new concept. We applied to YC with In the 36 hours before our interview, we ditched paperbuff and built, were rejected, then decided to build a product people would actually want (*measured by charging for it).”

Indeed, Grouper, which just launched out of beta in New York today, was profitable after just 60 days. Read More

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Internet Week New York Launches Monthly Networking ‘Websdays’


Not content with a mere week to bestow its fairy booster dust on the tech set, Internet Week New York just announced it will be hosting a recurring networking event “for the New York City internet community” called Websdays. Despite the awkward-sounding reference to a day of the week (not to mention the fact that the company backing it has “Week” in its name), Websdays will be a monthly shindig, with the first one taking place on July 27th at 200 Orchard.

The event, produced in conjunction with Webutante Ball’s Richard Blakely (unlike Seamless, some people apparently see nothing wrong with keeping “Web” in their name), will only be open to a limited number of guests per month. Read More

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Impressions From the First East Village Tech Meetup

Zeb Dropkin explains an app that tells you how much your neighbor pays in rent to Oskar Breuning.

Full disclosure: This reporter lives in the East Village. Which is how she knows the neighborhood is a total hotbed of tech hangin’. Venues in the area are teeming with Foursquare tips left by Naveen and Caro. Free wifi abounds. Techies spotted serendipitously after hours in the East Village include Dennis Crowley on multiple occasions, as well as GroupMe co-founder Steve Martocci and Chris Poole. Read More