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Bravo Casting Director Finds Next Season’s Reality Stars on Instagram

Ms. Stanforth (via

We’ve often wondered just how the myriad reality shows filling our Apple TV get staffed. As the genre has exploded, networks have somehow continued to find more and more outrageous fame-seekers to entertain worldwide audiences. You have to ask yourself, probably while watching yet another Real Housewife flip a table in a tornado of Botox and hair extensions: “Where the hell do they find these people?”

The answer, at least in casting director Melissa Stanforth‘s case, is through social media. We caught on to the 26-year-old’s casting tactics when she left a message on a friend’s Instagram photo. Read More

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Weeks After Layoffs, Kohort User Asks ‘Has Kohort Died?’

Mr. Davis (Photo:

Kohort, a social network for groups, launched last month jam-packed with friends of founder and former venture capitalist Mark Peter Davis.

But less than a month after launch, Mr. Davis took to the company’s blog to announce that they have decided to “decided to run Kohort with a smaller team, a leaner approach.”

AllThingsD‘s Peter Kafka expects the company to lay off almost all of its 15 employees. Dwolla founder Ben Milne announced yesterday via Twitter that Kohort builder Shane Reisner has already started working at Dwolla. Read More

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Kohort Has a Lot of Potential– And a Lot of Mark Peter Davis’ Friends

Mr. Davis (Photo:

Today, Kohort, the super-stealth social network for groups, emailed early adopters who had registered usernames and asked them to officially join the site. Last year, Betabeat told you that Kohort, founded by former venture capitalist Mark Peter Davis, netted $3 million from a number of high profile investors like IA Ventures, RRE, FF Capital, David Tisch and David Cohen. The supposed “Meetup killer” made its beta version public back in July.

The site is based around public and private groups. Kohort lets group members post to memos to the group, much like a bulletin board. These memos are supposed to help organize meetups and group activities. Original plans called for a way to put similar groups into networks, but that remains to be seen in this early version. Read More

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Super Bowl Ads Now Come With Their Own Twitter Hashtags

The commercial Groupon would rather you forget.

The average cost of a 30-second Super Bowl spot is up this year from $3 million in 2011 to $3.5 million, which means advertisers are even more desperate to make those millions count. Even though 100 million people are expected to tune in live to the game, there are other eyeballs to grab. According to Reuters, for example, “Consumer research forecasts that 60 percent of fans watching the Super Bowl will also be tied into a second screen such as a smartphone or tablet.”

Thus, in what sounds like an Alex Blagg sketch waiting to happen, advertisers are rolling out the social media strat. Read More

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The Smallest Social Network Ever? Ourspot is Sharing Built for Two!


A startup called Ourspot launched in beta today with a novel proposition: Take Path’s 50-person limit and cut it down to size. Like way down.

The network lets couples or close friends privately share links and content with each other that also serves “as a document of a relationship,” (yup, singular) says AllThingsD’s Liz Gannes. And there you were thinking they’d run out of ideas for social networks! Read More

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Opinionaided Is Now Thumb, a Social Network for Opinions


Hooray, now we no longer have to triple check that we spelled Opinionaided right! Today the General Assembly startup—which was born as a mobile Q&A site and already has $5.5M in funding—says it’s rebranding as Thumb and expanding beyond the frothy Q&A space and into a potentially more crowded one: social networks.

To use a couple recent examples, questions on the app range from “Occupy wall street or Tea party? whos going to win in 2012″ to “Hahaha!!?” with an image of a LOLCat. As before, users can weigh in with a thumbs up or down and a comment.

The social network aspect seems largely branding-related, as the newly-named app isn’t yet introducing different features. Betabeat talked to CEO Dan Kurani about Thumb’s surprisingly impressive user engagement, why he calls it a social network, and his favorite thumb joke. Read More

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New York Times Takes Klout to Task


Guys, Klout was making profiles for minors, and The New York Times is ON IT. “In the days just before Halloween, Ms. McGary got the fright of her life when she checked her Klout profile,” the Times says. “Hovering above her score were the faces and names of those over whom she had influence, as calculated by Klout. They included her 13-year-old son, Matthew.” Accompanied by a melodramatic photo of a mother gazing anxiously out the window, as if waiting for Klout agents to come for her son. Read More

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Mark Zuckerberg Subscribed to Dianna Agron’s Facebook Before Subscribing to Arianna Huffington’s


It’s been less than two months since Facebook rolled out it’s stalking, sorry subscription feature and it’s already revealing telling personal insights about our “friends.” Which, we have to imagine, is just how privacy, um, trailblazer Mark Zuckerberg wanted it.

But a tipster alerted Betabeat that it might also reveal something about Zuck himself. Read More