Social Mediocrity

Social Mediocrity

Of Course There Are Now Wedding Social Media Consultants Who Charge $3k

Who knew this Glass-lover could be a trendsetter? (Screengrab:

The American wedding’s rapid explosion into a twisted, expensive and myopic consumerist bonanza, thanks in no small part to the Internet, is nothing new. But this paying position certainly is.

The job is called “social media wedding concierge” and it occupies a spot in the pointless event planning pantheon somewhere near “personal flower coordinator” and “prom consultant.”

What does a social media wedding concierge (a SMWC, if you will, because we don’t have all day) actually do? According to a screengrab captured by Huffington Post editor Bianca Bosker, here’s what: Read More

Social Mediocrity

Microsoft Launches New Social Network That Looks Exactly Like Google+

There are approximately zero flattering pictures of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the Internet. (

Looks like Steve Ballmer has a new product to hype. While the rest of us were recovering from our post-IPO hangovers, Microsoft decided that the weekend after Facebook went public was the perfect time to discreetly launch a new social network. It’s called, and no, we have no idea how you’re supposed to pronounce that. (Oh wait, apparently it’s “social.” So… it’s a new social network called “social.” Clever!) Read More