Social Media Miracles

Social Media Miracles

Taylor Swift Doubles Down on Her Burgeoning Career As an Instagram Therapist

Relatable! (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Aspirational everywoman Taylor Swift has alighted from her ivory pedestal to interact with her Hollister-clad fangirls once again.

Ms. Swift first made headlines by giving love advice to a lovelorn teen named Hannah last week. Hannah posted a selfie and appended a soliloquy about the guy who broke her heart. “A guy who said sorry for eating in front of me after finding out I had to skip breakfast,” Hannah explained (the Daily Mail has screengrabs). “A guy who grew up across the street from me. A guy who plays guitar like me. A guy who was my first best friend.” Read More

Social Media Miracles

Penis Size Philosopher Peter Shankman Experiences Airport Twittacle!


We here at Betabeat have never known the pure joy, the life-affirming rush, the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from being on the receiving end of a Twittacle (“twitter” plus “miracle”). But Peter Shankman has. The social media entrepreneur responsible for the trenchant observation that Twitter followers are the new penis envy (sorry, ladies, this is not your analogy) recounted his recent Twitacle on his blog, P.S. And let him tell you, “This is AMAZING.” Read More