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So Refresh and So Clean Relaunches Unsubscribe Tool for Inbox Hygiene

Mr. Rosenwald. (Photo:

Josh Rosenwald, “entrepreneur and email disruptor,” is one of the four co-founders of, a free tool that helps people organize their email subscriptions. He is very ambitious. launched in November, won Best Unfunded Startup at New York Tech Day, recently presented at NY Tech Meetup, and just launched a redesign today. “We’d like to scale it up to as many millions of users as possible,” he told Betabeat. Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

Shades of Twitter and Delicious in New Bitly Release

Bitly links are now "bitmarks."

New York-based link shortening service Bitly just launched a major redesign that emphasizes link sharing similar to Twitter or the once-popular bookmark service Delicious.

The old Bitly centered around shortening links and publishing them to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Log into the new Bitly and you’ll see something that looks more like a social network itself. You’ll see a stream of your own share-worthy links and a separate stream of links from your network. Bitly is now calling these shortened links “bitmarks,” a souped-up version of bookmarks. Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

After Using a Minimal Site for Six Months, SideTour Launches Version 2.0

sidetour refresh

“As Lean junkies, we’ve been running SideTour for the last 6 months on the MVP we built over two weeks in Techstars last summer,” SideTour cofounder Mark Webster wrote in an email. SideTour, a marketplace for people who want to host activities—amateur tour guides, and the like—launched six months ago on a basic site hacked together with Eventbrite and WordPress. Since then, it’s raised $1.5 million, built the team up to nine, and took 100 feedback meetings with users, which all adds up to a redesigned, fuller-featured version which launched to all users today. Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

This Is Not a Pivot: Exfm Relaunches Mobile Apps

A shot of the new Exfm Android app.

Exfm, the streaming music startup that began as a wee Chrome extension, hasn’t pivoted. But maybe it’s changed course by a few degrees. “It’s not a pivot, it’s—I don’t want to say an extension, but it’s an extension of the vision,” cofounder and COO Charles Smith told Betabeat. “We were betting on two things: the first was the explosion of mp3s posted to the web. And we thought the Chrome operating system was going to be huge. So we’re one for two.”

They don’t think Chrome OS is going to be huge anymore?

“Nooooo,” he said. Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

Flickr’s New Look Gets Early Rave Reviews

New Flickr.

Flickr has started rolling out those major changes we told you about, and the early reviews are glowing. The “contacts” screen where Flickr shows new photos from your Flickr friends used to look like a tiled bathroom wall that was mostly caulking; the photos were tiny and there was a ton of white space. Now photos are larger and each row is neatly justified to span the width of the screen, filling in the white space without cropping or altering any individual photo. It’s a simple change, but it’s the most significant makeover Flickr’s had in years.

As Flickr explained:

We created this new view to make it easier to see the stories your friends are telling with their photos. While the previous layout choices are still available, the new design optimizes for seamlessly displaying more images at larger sizes, so you can see more of the activity from contacts, friends and family at once.

Needless to say, our Justified layout always respects the aspect ratio of the original image and will never crop your photos. We’ve also added quick access to comment on and fave directly on photos in this view.

Flickr will be rolling out the new view to all its users this week. The initial response from the photo site’s often-critical crowd: delight! Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

Bnter Is Now Banters: Slick Redesign as Prose Startup Grows

The Banters team from left to right: Lauren Leto, Becky Carella, Matt Goggin, Patrick Moberg and Grant Custer.

Lauren Leto and Patrick Moberg thought they’d be using the name “Bnter” for oh, maybe six months at most before they could secure the dot-com with the proper spelling from a tight-fisted IBM (why?). But unable to secure the domain, the team and their three employees decided it was time for more vowels. Bnter, the conversation tracker, is now Banters, which happens to be hip U.K. slang. “I think ‘Banters’ is cool,” Ms. Leto told Betabeat, noting in an email that “it’s easier to remember and spell, and people will know how to pronounce it.” Read More

So Refresh and So Clean

Education Revolutionary Skillshare Keeps Eye on the Prize With New Redesign

Mr. Ong's profile.

Skillshare recently opened up nationally after going city-by-city while it ironed out the kinks in its democratized teaching platform; now the startup is up to 10 employees, with two starting next week and three more hires to be announced soon, says CEO Mike Karnjanaprakorn. But he had a bigger announcement today: a fairly drastic redesign, meant to reorient Skillshare to its core competancy. Read More