Smartphones Make You Lazy

Smartphones Make You Lazy

App Will Deliver Beer, Ping Pong Balls and Cups Directly to Your NYC Apartment, You Heathen

And then you can line up all the bottles and look at them. (Photo via Wikipedia)

Your college self just let out an embarrassingly earnest fist pump upon learning that if you live in New York City, you can now have all of the ingredients for beer pong delivered straight to your door.

Minibar just announced that starting Monday, June 23, it will be adding beer, mixers and bar supplies to its roster of wine and liquor delivery. The app launched in February to deliver wine and spirits in Manhattan and Brooklyn, then expanded to Queens. They’re also adding delivery through the website, so people without smartphones who desperately need booze but don’t want to get off the couch under any circumstances can now use the service. Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

Have WunWun Deliver Your Halloween Costume For Free So You Can Start Pregaming Earlier

A WunWun helper prepares his client's redditor costume, we guess. (Photo: WunWun)

Everyone’s approach to Halloween is different. Some dorks toil for weeks to create clever homemade costumes that will live in Instagram infamy. Others are just there for the booze, virtually forgetting the whole costume part until they duck into a Spirit Halloween store at the last minute.

If you’re the lazy type, we’ve got some good news. On-demand delivery service WunWun is offering free delivery of Halloween costumes, Halloween candy, pumpkin beer–really, anything Halloween you can think of.  Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

Thanks to Tech, Kids No Longer Need to Learn Spelling, Professor Insists

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

A British professor has suggested that spelling lessons are no longer necessary for students thanks to technology — because he’s not like other dads, he’s a cool dad.

Sugata Mitra is a professor of, believe it or not, educational technology at Newcastle University and he is pretty sure that good grammar used to be necessary but is “not right now,” The Daily Mail reports. Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

Blame Your Friends For Your Smartphone Addiction

Betabeat team photo. (Photo: Flickr)

Science has finally stopped being drunk and proved that dicking around on your phone is contagious. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, a person is twice as likely to pretend to look busy on their device if friends or companions are doing the same. Nobody wants to look like a loser, okay?

Study co-author Dr. Daniel Kruger and his team observed undergrads for four months at an unnamed university. The students, who didn’t know they were being watched, sat at tables for 20 minutes as researchers documented their phone usage: Read More

Smartphones Make You Lazy

The Official New York City Marathon App


This app has a terribly clunky name but perhaps you may find it useful, so Betabeat presents the Official ING New York City Marathon Mobile Spectator App Presented by Subway, powered by MapMyRUN. This weekend, the annual New York City Marathon will draw thousands of spectators lined up from the Verrazano Bridge to the edge of Central Park, either to support a friend or just to enjoy the spectacle of a bunch of people sweating really hard. Read More