Twitter Continues on Its Whirlwind Tour of Alienating Everyone

NO MORE. (Screencap: Buzzfeed)

Now that it’s a media company, Twitter is steadily tightening control over its most valuable asset: That all-powerful interest graph, social media’s very own ultimate weapon. The company broke off its longtime partnership with LinkedIn last month, yanking tweets from the professional social network. Instagram also got the ax–new users can no longer automatically find their Twitter buddies. And developers are still clucking with outrage over the API tightening that’ll make it tougher than ever to build on top of the service.

The latest to come under the sword: Tumblr. BuzzFeed reports that, as of last night, no more will new Tumblr users be given the option of finding their friends on Twitter; now they’ll be stuck with just Facebook and Gmail. Oh, the humanity. Read More