Silicon Valley Dispatches

Silicon Valley Dispatches

Bratty Twitter Employees Exposed Via Twitter

Just your typical Twitter employee. (Screengrab: Twitter)

Vine might end up on App Death Row thanks to Instagram’s new video feature, but don’t feel too bad for the folks at parent company Twitter. If @twentitled is any indication, the biggest problem on their plates is too much steak and caviar.

The @twentitled account is allegedly run by a real-life Twitter staffer. In the same vein as @GSElevator and @CondeElevator, it chronicles overheard complaints and first-world problems of Twitter staffers. Read More

Silicon Valley Dispatches

Silicon Valley’s Pretty Sure the Economy Is Just Dandy

Look at that vista. How could you not feel good about the world? (Photo:

Listening to the presidential debates, it’s easy to feel bummed about the economy. But there’s a place–a bright, sunny place, far to the West, where the world feels as new as the money–whose denizens are feeling upbeat. That place is, of course, Silicon Valley.

The Mercury News reports that, according to a poll conducted by researchers at San Jose State University, Silicon Valley locals are feeling increasingly optimistic about the state of their state economy:  Read More