silicon subway

silicon subway

Snooze on the Train Without Missing Your Stop With This Handy New App

zzzzz (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

We’re still waiting patiently for the long-awaited advent of the Second Avenue subway, an infrastructural punchline since semiconductors were a hot new thing.

But in the meantime, at least we’ve got our smartphones to arrest our sneaky hate spirals. There’s four days left to vote on the entries in the MTA’s AT&T-backed App Quest contest, and the 49 candidates are almost enough to make you forget about all the time you’ve ever spent waiting for the G train.

Almost. Read More

silicon subway

Eternally Disaffected New Yorkers Unimpressed with Subway’s New ‘High-Tech’ Intercom System


Any self-respecting New Yorker can effortlessly call to mind a host of complaints about the subway system, that dingy portal between work and home that we grudgingly wade into day in and day out. While the train certainly gets you from points A to B faster and cheaper than a cab, rat-infested stations, painfully long wait times and people who decide to pee and then take a shower in the middle of the car can add up to a pretty unpleasant riding experience. Not to mention all those fare hikes.

Still, the MTA–an institution as beloved as ConEd or even Time Warner–is doing its best to make hurdling through that century-old series of tubes worth your $2.25. And for its next act, the MTA has begun to install “high-tech Help Point intercoms” in stations around the city. Read More

silicon subway

After Video of People Tripping at the 36th St. Subway Goes Viral, the MTA Blocks off the Staircase for Repairs

(Photo: Vimeo)

Internet vigilantes, you’ve done it again! After a video of person after person tripping at the 36th St. subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn went viral yesterday, Betabeat–and tons of other reporters, apparently–called the MTA to ask if they had any intention of fixing the offending step. The MTA told us, “We will send someone out to take a look and take corrective measures,” and apparently they’re making good on their word.

According to NBC News, “Crews went to the station Wednesday to block off the staircase in preparation for repairs.”

We did it, Internet! Give yourselves a pat on the back–if you can bear to take your hands off the keyboard, that is.

The only downside is that NBC News reports that the MTA is unsure how long the fix will take, which means it probably won’t be done for years. Sorry, Sunset Park.

silicon subway

People at the 36th St. Subway Station Be Trippin’

(Photo: Twitter)

A Brooklyn filmmaker named Dean Peterson noticed something curious about his subway station at 36th St. in Sunset Park. One of the steps near the top of the staircase appeared to be just slightly taller than the other stairs, but the difference is so miniscule that it’s not noticeably visible. In fact, Mr. Peterson only noticed it when he realized that everyone trips on the step. And of course, being a cinephile, he decided to film it.

The Vimeo video, entitled “New York City Subway Stairs,” hit the front page of Reddit this afternoon, and as of this writing had accrued over 2,000 upvotes. Read More

silicon subway

Free Wifi is Coming to Six NYC Subway Stations This Summer

(Photo: Travelpod)

The dog days of summer are upon us, but there’s a bright spot gleaming like Gatsby’s green light from the West side of Manhattan. Google Offers, which apparently still exists, has teamed up with Boingo to provide free Wifi in six subway stations this summer. Can you imagine the awesomeness of being able to check your email while waiting on a sticky, rat-ridden platform for the ever-elusive M train? Read More