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Accel Parties in NYC, Teases New Office Atop Google


The sale of to Amazon for $540 million was a grand slam in the venture capital world. So it was fitting that Accel’s Sameer Ghandi presented founders Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara with autographed Yankees jerseys.

“These guys started their first online business in 1999, not exactly the best timing,” Ghandi said last night at Read More

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A Few Rounds With Dot-Com Survivor

simon assaad

At a VIP party deep in the bowels of Newark’s Prudential Center, Simon Assaad navigated carefully to the bar, slipping past two hulking veterans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He ordered a red wine and moved carefully through the crowd, settling behind a table where rapper Ice T was holding court.  “These are not guys you want to bump the wrong way,” said Assaad. Read More

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The Silicon Alley Reporter 100: 10 Years Later, Where Are They Now?

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1. Steve Case and Gerald Levin - AOL

For the launch of a site about the New York tech scene, we thought it would be fun to turn back the clock and look at who ruled the roost at the turn of the century. We took as our subjects the Silicon Alley Reporter 100 list from the year 2000, a bumpy patch for the dot-com kids. Hundreds of young public and private companies collapsed after the NASDAQ famously peaked at 5,048 on March 10 and then dove to 3,649 the next month, including the proto-social network, long-loading high fashion site and abruptly-bankrupt webcaster, whose founder Josh Harris is now an advice columnist for Betabeat. “What a difference a year makes,” editor Jason Calacanis’s letter opens. Some of these 100 Silicon Alley entrepreneurs were still flying high at the time of the list, some were hanging on and would rebound later, and others were still helming doomed companies. They were all here during the peak of the city’s tech scene, but where are they now? Read More