Side Projects

Side Projects

Send a Poem by Phone With

Lord Byron. (Wikimedia Commons)

Hacker-at-large Brandon Diamond has made you a new toy:, a site that lets you phone a friend and leave them a poem. SpreadPoetry will let you send one of five poems recorded by yourself or someone else to a friend’s phone number. “Wanted to express to my ladyfriend via codewhile also building something mother’s day-esque,” Mr. Diamond told Betabeat by Gchat. Aww.

Side Projects

News.Me’s Little Experiment: Smart People Share the ‘Last Great Thing’ They Saw Online

Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 11.52.01 AM

Much like Lena Dunham on last night’s episode of “Girls,” New York technophiles seem to be embracing their “experimental” side. Some side projects are more facetious than others. But a new leisure pursuit from general manager Jake Levine and designer Justin Van Slembrouck released today falls into the more utilitarian camp. Welcome to the Last Great Thing. Each day for a month, the duo plan on featuring a single link to the last great thing someone saw online.

The twist is that the site is “purposefully ephemeral,” Mr. Levine told Betabeat by email. “There will be no archive. What’s visible on Tuesday won’t be findable on Wednesday.” As far as gimmicks go, the disappearing link tops “by invitation only” in our book. We already feel a sense of panic over missing something great! Today’s entry from Clay Shirky is off to a stellar start. Read More

Side Projects

Kyle Bragger, Master of Monetizable Side Projects, Sells Tinyproj

Mr. Bragger.

Betabeat first wrote about Tinyproj, a curated newsletter for matching developers to gigs, in September. The site was a project by the inimitable Kyle Bragger, currently in residence at 500 Startups for the completely unrelated, a sort of Tumblr-like community for developers. The buyer was GroupTalent, a Seattle-based “marketplace for high-end software projects.”

What was the price? “Can’t say, suffice to say everyone wins and it’s not mandatory to switch over as a user, e.g. no user data got sold off,” Mr. Bragger told Betabeat. Read More