Tumblr Eschews the Missing E So Much That It Banned the Browser Extension

missing e

Tumblr has put the kibosh on popular browser extension “Missing e,” which started as a set of user-written scripts to modify parts of the dashboard, and evolved into an elaborate set of tweaks from a resizable rich text editor to a “mass delete” option for messages, replacing icons and quick re-blogging, and other user-friendly features. “Each and every one of these (from the added sidebar in Sidebar Tweaks down to the icon replacement for editnotes and reblog buttons on posts in the dashboard that are part of the Dashboard Fixes feature) is a no-no from Tumblr’s perspective. I imagine that the purpose of this requirement is so that Tumblr and Tumblr alone will decide how you view your Tumblr dashboard, the desires of power users and Tumblrs who want a smoother experience be damned,” writes Jeremey Cutler, the Canadian developer behind the extension.

He’s been in discussions with Tumblr since three days ago, when he pulled the extension after Tumblr contacted him. Now he’s opted to give up. Read More