shorty awards 2014

shorty awards 2014

Social Media Stars Interact IRL at the Shorty Awards

Ms. Leggero in the beginning of the show. (Photo: Shorty Awards)

Social media fame is strange. Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube celebrities are kind of like reality TV stars, but with even more of an everyman feel. They’ve got low budgets and lower inhibitions, and they play characters online who are an extension of their own identities. Reading tweet after tweet, we begin to feel like we know them.

But we don’t. And meeting them in real life can be awkward. They’re not professional socializers, after all, or even traditional entertainers. They’re just people who, from the privacy of their homes, consistently craft tiny bits of entertainment for our consumption. They’ve mastered the art of connecting with people bit by bit, every day — but only when separated by the distance between two given iPhones. Read More

shorty awards 2014

Turns Out Andrew W.K. Loves Pinterest

Mr. W.K. on the red carpet. (Photo via Shorty Awards)

We overheard a lot of interviews about social media last night at the Shorty Awards. A hell of a lot. But there was one statement that really caught our attention.

Betabeat was standing next to Andrew W.K. while he was being interviewed by a video crew when we heard him say, “I really like Pinterest.”

Um, what?! Pinterest, the aspirational DIY site for former sorority girls? Pinterest, the fitspo mecca? Pinterest, the go-to destination for millennial bridezillas? We had to investigate. Read More

shorty awards 2014

Matt Walsh of ‘Veep’ Talks TV and Twitter

Mr. Walsh on the red carpet. (Photo: Shorty Awards)

Last night’s Shorty Awards ceremony certainly wasn’t short on hyperactive Internet people jockeying for attention. All that manic energy can exhaust a gal, so we were thrilled when we spotted the comparably calm Matt Walsh, who plays beleaguered PR guy Mike on HBO’s Veep.

Relaxed and friendly, the founding Upright Citizens Brigade member stopped for a chat before presenting the awards for Vine of the Year and Vineographer. Read More

shorty awards 2014

Let’s Talk About Tweeting: A Conversation With Shorty Award Nominee Julie Klausner

(Screengrab via

Social media has changed the game for aspiring comedians and funny writers. Instead of languishing at five open mics a week and praying a booker for a late-night show sees them, aspiring comics can now tweet, Vine, make YouTube videos and create their own podcasts.

One professional funny person who’s taken advantage of the Internet to build her online following is Julie Klausner. The New Yorker has 68,800 Twitter followers; a hugely popular podcast; two books and quite a few paid writing gigs. Read More