Shoot the Search Engine

Shoot the Search Engine

Vinecrawler Is a Search Engine That Helps You Find Weird Stuff (and Porn) on Vine

Cool #dog Vine.

With Vine users uploading more than 12 million videos a day via Twitter, it’s hard to keep track of all those six second masterpieces that are percolating in the app. But there’s a solution! It’s called Vinecrawler, a database of the four million videos posted to Twitter and and sorted according to popular tags and the most active users. Read More

Shoot the Search Engine

An Orgy of Censorship, Max Mosley Sues Google to Block Search Results

Max Mosley

The former head of Formula One racing, Max Mosely, lost his post a few years back after British tabloids ran pictures of him involved in am alleged “Nazi themed” orgy. Google, understandably, has thousands of search results that link to queries involving Mr. Mosley and the term “orgy.” In fact, shortly after we publish this piece, they will have another (oops).

Now Mr. Mosley is suing Google in Germany and France to have these terms removed. Amazingly, the Guardian reports that hundreds of references to this incident have already been removed by Google in response to Mr. Mosley’s lawyers. But they won’t scrub the results entirely. “The fundamental thing is that Google could stop this appearing but they don’t or won’t as a matter of principle,” Mr. Mosley told British authorities. “The really dangerous things are the search engines.” Read More