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Sheryl Says

This Is What Sheryl Sandberg Looks Like When You Refuse to Lean In

(Photo via Flickr Creative Commons, © Thomas Williams/Crossroads Foundation)

Betabeat was just perusing Flickr for photos of Sheryl Sandberg, as we do, and happened upon an image of the Facebook COO in what looks like a moment of sheer disappointment. As it turns out, the photo was taken in somber circumstances: Ms. Sandberg was at Davos, dressed down to participate in Refugee Run, an educational experiment meant to teach high-and-mighty global elites a mock lesson in hardship.

But we can’t help but think this is also the face she’d make unless you run into your boss’ office and demand a raise THIS INSTANT. Read More

Sheryl Says

Somebody Tried to Bug Sheryl Sandberg About the End of Men

(Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

“I want to be clear–I’m not trying to tell anyone what do to. And I’m not trying to prescribe goals for anyone,” said Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg last night at Time Warner. She was patiently explaining yet again the purpose of Lean In: “I’m trying to help women answer the question, ‘If I do want leadership, how do I get there?'”

“My book is not meant to be comprehensive. I don’t have parenting advice, it doesn’t go deeply into the public policy issues. It’s one piece of the puzzle.” Read More

Sheryl Says

Sheryl Sandberg SWEARS Lean In Isn’t Just a Way to Tee Up a Political Run

Boss. (Photo:

Did you think you were going to be able to escape talking about Lean In if you just kept quiet for a few days? How wrong you were! Sheryl Sandberg’s kinda-sorta manifesto is everywhere this week: 60 MinutesCosmo, and Time have all run big, splashy features on the Facebook COO. The latest to join the love-fest: USA Today.

But in her interview with the USA Today, Ms. Sandberg took the time to push back on one common assumption about her plans for the next few years: Read More