Original Google Reader Designer Takes Pity on Clueless $190 B. Corporation, Offers a Handout

Promises to bring his own lunch.

Yes, it has come to this. The Great Google Reader tragedy of 2011 has resulted in a welfare state, with individual designers trying to ensure massive corporations don’t screw things up beyond repair.

Kevin Fox, Google’s former senior user experience design lead–who worked on Gmail 1.0, Google Calendar 1.0, and Google Reader 2.0–is offering to come back to the fold temporarily to help them out in these troubled times. Read More


Everybody Hates the New Google Reader, Especially The People Who Designed Google Reader

2 soon 2 say goodbye

Google Reader—trusty stead of many a professional blogger, researcher, and text-obsessed office drone—has gone and gotten itself its hair did. Google gave Reader a makeover; imagine Michael Jackson’s skin pigmentation efforts delivered through G+ after only having ever seen the “Billy Jean” video, and you have yourself an idea of what the change is akin to. The people, let us tell you, are not happy. A sampling? Read More